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 CapoSperone WeddingHall and Spa Palmi Reggio Calabria.


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CapoSperone Resort Wedding Hall and Spa is located at Palmi, in Reggio Calabria. A dream come true a love at first sight location.  Surrounded by the green spectacular nature that Calabria offers immerged inside of tall centuries-old olive trees, it overlooks the enchanting panorama of the Violet Coast that literally leaves you speechless.It actually kidnaps you, what you are literally overlooking at is a natural painting because in front of you is a sight that only CapoSperone offers, the Aeolian Islands. Absolutely perfect for your stay and vacation in Calabria, but is also a perfect location for all types of receptions, especially weddings but ideal also for communions, baptisms, confirmations, graduations, anniversaries, birthdays, they also take care at planning 18 birthday parties and all types of banquets.

Sala Ricevimenti piscina caposperone resort
Sala Ricevimenti taglio torta matrimonio
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Your Wedding at Palmi in Calabria

If you are planning a wedding in Calabria then you cannot think of not celebrating it at CapoSperone. Specialists in all types of receptions, from the smallest banquets as baptisms, communions, confirmations, graduations, birthdays and also civil marriage. After years of making the services that are proposed in regards to weddings and so much more, CapoSperone arrives in the year 2020 with the results of many years experience on their shoulders. Dedicating so much to making sure that in the wedding section what  they provide is a “Perfect Wedding”. The perfect wedding , was created, dreamed about and put together, by the Director and owner Giuseppe Di Francia, he represents the quality assurance of “perfection” for all future couples that choose CapoSperone Resort for the most important day of their life.


The wedding guests that will join the couple on their special unique unforgettable day, are welcome to remain in the Resort even after the wedding celebration.

CapoSperone has made it a special important mission to include in the offer twenty four  rooms for their  guests, which are dislocated on different levels of the Resort with a different theme in each area. Each room has a private balcony that faces and overlooks the sea, the feeling of total relax, beauty and peaceful concept will accompany you also after the day of the ceremony. The desire of CapoSperone is  based on this idea of the perfect dream and is born with the concept of making what they offer and the surroundings unforgettable.

Sala Ricevimenti caposperone: camere in tufo con vista mare
Sala Ricevimenti capospereone: ristorante sull'affaccio della costa viola a caposperone resort


A dream location, a beautiful sight for your eyes surrounded by the Violet Coast, an offer of total well being, these are the ingredients that CapoSperone puts together to satisfy the desires and dreams of who chooses to immerge themselves in this dream. The Resort offers so many possible services, The CapoSperone team work together to make sure that all your desires are fulfilled, even in regards to satisfying your stay in the restaurant  where there are professional chefs that make sure to offer and create plates that are absolutely delicious ,genuine food that the territory offers and beautiful at sight creating the magic and emotions also on your plate.

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Mens sana in corpore sano: The latin reference  is applicable and surrounds the perfection that the leaders that work around CapoSperone reach. When you find yourself organizing any type of event, including putting together your wedding, the desire of enjoying every aspect of it immerging yourself in a concept of relax, the feeling of wanting to experience the beauty that surrounds you is total. What the Resort here in Palmi has created are several offers that meet the desires of who wishes to enjoy their stay, an individual feeling of peace surrounded by a breathtaking view.

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